Dumped On A Doorstep, Her Fur Colored Red And Blue; it Was Clear Her Past Had Not Been Good! - It looks like she’s not

Dumped on the doorstep, the cat, red and blue, showed with all its appearance that its past was not the best…

Many people change the color of their hair, often putting a lot of effort into doing it right. And it looks great. However, when you meet a cat with deliberately dyed hair – it is never a good reason.

So rescuers knew her past had not been good when a young tuxedo cat was found dumped on an animal shelter doorstep in Arizona with red and blue fur.

No one knows how she came to be sitting on the doorstep of a rural animal shelter, but someone had at least helped her take the first step toward a better life.

Photo Courtesy of @AAWLeague

For that reason, the black, white, pink, and blue kitten was given the name freedom.

The Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) shared a photo of their brand-new rescue on their Facebook page.

Photo Courtesy of @AAWLeague

It is unknown how long her journey to and from the Rural Rescue Outreach program took; one thing though is inevitable; the first stage had not been pleasant.

Now she was safe.
The Arizona Animal Welfare League operates on a bare-bones budget, yet it takes in every stray pet that comes it’s way. Each year, the League rescues 4,000 animals, with 1,000 coming from the Rural Rescue Program.

Photo Courtesy of @AAWLeague

Freedom, sadly, is one of the thousands upon thousands of animals that are abandoned daily. However, the paint splattered across her body indicates what her past had been like.

It could be there for many reasons, from children or adults torturing her or evil, cruel people using her as a bait animal in dog fights.

A horrific and brutal occurrence, dog fighters use paint or permanent markers to “color code” cats and other small animals so they can be used as bait.

Photo Courtesy of @AAWLeague

The dishonorable spectators then place bets on their color of choice. The “winner” is the animal that survives the longest against the canines being forced to fight for their lives.

At least she has escaped her abusive past. Now she can look forward to a loving, caring forever home.

She should be up for adoption within the next few weeks. No physical injuries can be seen, though AAWL wants to ensure she is completely healthy before proceeding further. It looks like she’s not opposed to a good chin scratch and snuggles!

After whatever unknown trauma she endured, she’ll need the perfect human(s) to shower her with love.